Murray Energy CEO Sounds Off On Clinton's Energy Policy

During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Risk & Reward, Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray sounded off on why he believes Hillary Clinton wants to curb the use of fossil fuels.

“The reason why she wants to see coal eliminated is because she’s getting millions of dollars of kickback to the Clinton Foundation and to her campaign from people who she says needs government help,” Murray said. “She’s talking about Warren Buffett, the Pritzkers, Elon Musk, Tom Steyer—all billionaires that are making billions of dollars off of windmills and solar panels that are made in China that makes 26 cents a kilowatt hour electricity.”

While Clinton has said she wants to steer the country toward using cleaner energy, the former Secretary of State released a plan to help the coal communities, in November 2015.

Murray explained why he thinks there is a connection between the Democratic presidential candidate's push for cleaner energy and the Clinton Foundation.

“She’s getting hundreds of millions of dollars from some of the largest banks in the country, from some of the largest electric utilities and from these billionaires that I just mentioned,” he said. “And they need the subsidy. Wind and solar is not competitive with coal or other fossil fuels. To exist it has to have a subsidy from the government. So she herself said they need this government subsidy.”

He added: “They are making billions of dollars, these billionaires, and they’re kicking back millions to the Clinton Foundation and to Hillary Clinton… The lowest 25 million families on the poverty scale in the country now spend 22 cents of every dollar they earn for energy. We need to be worrying about the energy poverty in this country, not making more billionaires as Hillary Clinton attempts to eliminate the low-cost, reliable electricity and substitute these crony capitalists wind and solar... it’s fraud. It is absolute fraud.”