Kennedy: Mueller's report failed to strike the 'fatal, impeachable' blow Democrats were hoping for

Certain members of the media lost their objectivity and their minds during the course of the special counsel investigation, and now they can extinguish their hair-on-fire with endless tears that the final report didn't include instructions to cart off the president and his spawn to federal prison or gitmo.

Robert Mueller has been pretty tight lipped over the course of his 22 month probe, which has led wishful leftists to conclude this canary eater was so full of ammunition his mere existence proved such a threat to the presidency he needed bi-cameral, bi-partisan legislation to shield him from imminent termination. Oddly enough that never happened, nor did the report strike the fatal, impeachable blow the sour grapes crowd cravenly craved.

ABC's Brian Ross set off a trend worse than nursing shoes as street wear back in december 2016 when he published a claim Michael Flynn was directed by candidate Trump to cozy up with the Russians. It was a single source anonymous tip, and it was wrong and his butt was suspended.

Anthony Scaramucci was falsely accused by CNN of being investigated for some pre-inaugural snuggling with a Russian banker, and of course that was retracted and the writers resigned after running with the optimistic play from, again, an unnamed single source.

I'm pretty sure wishful thinking is not a course traditionally taught in journalism school, but it fueled too much of the Russia investigation coverage from May 2017 to the present.

Even the tight lipped Mueller brigade had to issue a terse buzzfeed smackdown when the master clickbaitors claimed the president instructed his thick headed attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress in 2017.

So now what? It depends who you ask, but the "journalists" who so desperately needed this to be the deathknell are throwing around phrases like "this is only the beginning" and "it feels like the seeds of a cover up are here!" that's on you Joy Reid, and I think you might need to cover up your naked hostility and come to grips with the fact this brand of delusion will not aid impeachment and undo the election making room for Queen Hillary, but it's actually *helping* the president.

Lefty journos: you blew it!

Peter Strzok was right all along when he texted his side piece Lisa Page just two days after Mueller was appointed Special Counsel, "there's no big there there."


Because the Mueller Report is here and so far there's nothing there. Let's stick to facts and ideas, because the truth is your strange fiction didn't stick.