Montel Williams: GOP Should Embrace LGBT Community

TV personality Montel Williams made his message clear in a behind the scenes interview Wednesday night with’s Jade Scipioni.

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“How dare we make them (the LGBT community) defend our democracy and not give them full, full access to that same democracy when they’re here?" Williams said.

Williams spoke at an American Unity Fund event Wednesday morning that aimed to push for equal rights under the Constitution for the LGBT community. Republicans gathered together in a room, listening and having conversation about issues that the LGBT society faces within the nation. 

Whether or not the message was received is yet to be determined, but Williams is optimistic after the support he received following the event.

“Let’s remember, four years ago we would not of even thought you could have a discussion about LGBT rights at a Republican convention and we did it this year," Williams said.

LGBT rights has been a controversial issue for many years, but Williams says his goal is to make the Republican Party one that opens its arms to all. 

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“I want a party that understands that when they claim to be the party of Lincoln, when we claim to be the party of Reagan, that means we’re the party that doesn’t allow bigotry of any kind and we’re the party that wants to open its tent to all," Williams said. You can’t just say the words and not believe the meaning."