Missouri AG doubles down on firing school officials who took students to drag show: 'It's a huge problem'

Missouri middle school students allegedly taken to drag show breakfast without parental consent

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has doubled down on his office’s plans to explore "all legal options" against middle school officials who gave the green light for their students to attend a drag queen breakfast.

"It’s a huge problem," Bailey said Wednesday on "Varney & Co." "State statute in Missouri governs how human sexuality is to be taught by educators, and it doesn't authorize drag shows. There's also a parental notification requirement. So the school district undermined the statutes by taking the kids to the drag show without notifying the parents."

Last week, around 30 Columbia middle schoolers attended a drag performance hosted by the Nclusion Plus performance group at the annual Columbia Values Diversity Breakfast.

The city's website said the event "typically features a breakfast, award presentation, artistic celebrations, and keynote addresses. The Celebration is coordinated by the City's Office of Cultural Affairs and enjoys the support of many community volunteers and sponsors."


A parent posted a school permission slip for the event on Facebook, which noted that there would be "songs" and "performances," but did not mention a drag show.

Drag queen story time

Bringing students to a drag breakfast without parental consent is "shameful behavior," Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey said Wednesday on "Varney & Co." (Getty Images)

In response, the school district stated that attendees are "not provided details of the performances in advance of the event" and described the drag show portion of the annual gathering as a "dance and singing performance." The statement also said there was an "unfortunate amount of misinformation" about the event.

According to the attorney general, the possible firing of involved school officials remains on the table.

"The school's response is really telling because the superintendent says, look, the school officials didn't know that the drag show was part of the event and also that the drag show is not harmful for kids. And it can't be both," Bailey argued. "If it's not harmful, why would they need to know about it?"

"What this is," he continued, "is evidence of a woke, left-wing ideology. And that's why we're going to stand up and fight back, because we're going to make sure that our schools are about education, not indoctrination, and that parents have a say in that process."

Bailey’s office is reportedly taking an "all-hands-on-deck approach," calling for the resignation or termination of any school official who knew about this "shameful behavior."

"That needs to happen now to restore the district's trust with the parents," Bailey told host Stuart Varney. "But we're also going to partner with everyone we can: school officials, law enforcement, prosecutors, juvenile officers, anyone we can to make sure that we're adhering to the school law on this issue."


Missouri’s top attorney emphasized the importance of engaged parents being a part of the conversation.

"We have sent a model resolution to the Missouri School Board Association and asked them to circulate it with their members, and that resolution would prevent any future school officials from taking students to a drag show because drag shows have no place in our schools," Bailey said. "We want to empower parents, and that's why we're in this fight."


Fox News’ Nikolas Lanum contributed to this report.