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Mall of America Shoppers Warned to 'be Cautious.' Huh?


Neil’s Spiel: Terrorists are moving fast, so why aren’t we?

FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the terrorist threats against shopping malls in America.

They've always been threatening America. But now terrorists are coming to the Mall of America?

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Homeland Security officials say they've heard the threats, and that it wouldn't hurt shoppers to “be cautious.” But cautious, how?

It's hard to say.

This much is not: Terrorists are moving fast, so why aren't we?

They're making very clear what their intentions are. Yet why does it seem we're more pre-occupied defining what ISIS is not.

“They're not radical Muslim extremists” … actually, to hear the White House tell it, in the scheme of things, they're really not that much of a big deal. Instead, they are more an obsession of the media, particularly "this" media you're reading.

Part of the "if it bleeds, it leads" sorry bunch of journalists who assign way too much importance for this still way-too-JV-league of terrorists, I guess.

But about now, my guess is that they're guessing they downplayed ISIS a bit too much.

Because these latest threats are looking a bit too real. What else could explain security folks urging we ‘watch it out there’?

Do they know something about some of these ISIS recruits making their way here, or already planning something here?

Maybe this could be a classic case of hiney-covering, in case something "does" happen.

What do you think?

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