Liberals, comedians and young people are driven by contempt for Trump, America: Varney

Have you watched today’s comedians? The late night guys, or the Michelle Wolfs or Samantha Bees of this world? They may be comedians, but they’re not funny. Over the weekend, I watched some of them – they’re not funny. They are sarcastic, driven by contempt for our president and they didn’t make me laugh.

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So I welcome the statement from Leslie Jones, appearing on, of all places, The View. What a breath of fresh air. And so necessary.

It's young people who watch those not-funny late night guys. It is young people who are being soaked in contempt for America, and that’s just plain wrong. As Leslie Jones says, you can’t face life if you’re walking into it with a gigantic chip on your shoulder.

I’d make a further point: liberals don’t seem to have a sense of humor: they are perpetually outraged. There’s always something wrong. Always something to be against. And they’ve infected the comedy world with their negativity.

That’s why we’re putting Leslie Jones right at the top of our 10 o’clock hour. She has a valuable message for everyone: tone down the ultra-sensitivity – it’s no way to go at life, because life involves being offended.

And if comedians made us smile, instead of making us angry, they might get their ratings back.