The Left can’t have it both ways on illegal immigration: Trish Regan

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Trish Regan: Border crisis is beyond the breaking point

FBN’s Trish Regan says the border crisis has gone beyond the breaking point.

Our southern border is in total chaos. Reports of migrants being apprehended by CBP in Texas and Arizona are on the rise, and our system has reached the breaking point. As a country, we cannot handle more than 100,000 people coming in illegally with no proper documentation or security checks.

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Now, Attorney General Barr has directed judges to deny bond hearings for asylum seekers who illegally entered the country.


Right now, if you’re living in Honduras or El Salvador or Guatemala with no economic opportunity, why not roll the dice? Why not try to come here however you can, including illegally? That said, some illegal immigrants threaten our sovereignty. We have no idea who they are, whether or not there are gang members or even terrorists. In some cases, illegal immigrants’ identities can remain completely unverified.

I want to make one thing very clear: I am pro-immigration. I am all for people who want to contribute to our great country -- we are a growing economy and a diverse American population will power more growth.  I am not for open borders which would allow anyone and everyone to come here.

The Left wants to paint conservatives as mean and unjust for simply asking, “Who are you?” When supporters of President Trump dare to ask who someone is, it’s suddenly because they are prejudiced. Nonetheless, the Left is not as ideologically consistent on this as they would like you to believe.


When President Trump offered illegal immigrants in detention an opportunity to be released into a sanctuary city, many leaders on the Left rejected the offer outright. Many Democrats need to figure out their story and stick to it — they can’t have it both ways.

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