Kudlow: Biden, Waters being vocal about Chauvin trial is 'utter nonsense'

Larry Kudlow argues the president and congresswoman's interference could ‘be used in appeal for jury tampering’

President Biden and Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., putting pressure on the jury in the Derek Chauvin trial is "absolutely crazy," "Kudlow" host Larry Kudlow argued on Tuesday.

Both the president and congresswoman spoke up about the case’s verdict before it even occurred, Waters pushing for more violence if the outcome did not meet expectations.

LARRY KUDLOW: Maxine Waters calling for confrontation, President Biden praying the verdict is [right] is irresponsible – statements that, frankly, could be used in an appeal for jury tampering. Saying that the verdict should be appropriate, saying the verdict should be in the family, all this stuff is just utter nonsense. The president overstepping not as badly as Waters, but he's overstepping too.

Jury votes wrong – rioting. Isn't that what she's saying? If there's any kind of acquittal, there should be rioting in the streets? Isn't that what she's really saying? Biden is somewhat less clear, but he, too, putting pressure on the jury, they're putting pressure on the jury. This is crazy, absolutely crazy. 

Of course, in most of these urban riots, the people who are hurt the most are minorities and African-American small business owners. So this becomes an economic issue, doesn't it? Again and again in the past year, provocateurs like Maxine Waters, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, inciting violent rioting, leading to tragic deaths, whether it's New York, Washington, Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, inevitably, inevitably, it’s Black Americans that suffer the most. And that is a tragedy.