Kucinich Calls for DNC to Nominate Sanders for VP

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Sanders supporters revolt against DNC

Former Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) on the DNC email scandal and Bernie Sanders supporters.

As Democrats begin their convention with an expanding divide within the party, former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, (D-Ohio), weighed in on what Hillary Clinton and the party leadership should do to unite the party.

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Despite Clinton picking Sen. Tim Kaine, (D-VA), as her running mate, Kucinich suggested that a Clinton-Sanders ticket could be a big step in healing the party.

“If Hillary Clinton could understand the urgency of this moment and name Bernie Sanders to the ticket and permit a nomination be made from the floor, I think that she could heal the rifts that exist in the party and create an opportunity for the party to move onto victory in November,” he said.

Even though it seems like an extreme measure, according to Kucinich something of that magnitude is needed to bring the party back together. He said interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile’s efforts to manage the Democratic Party’s crisis could help the situation.

“[She] is very straightforward, she never minces words, she’s got the kind of strength to come into this situation and take charge.  I’m sure there’s going to be emails released that will implicate a number of people who are still very active in the Democratic National Committee.  But, believe me, that is not as big of a problem right now as the effect of that has had on the legions of Bernie Sanders supporters who feel cheated, who feel sabotaged and who want to find a way to get back into the system which has rejected them. “

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Kucinich said he believes a Clinton-Sanders ticket could help increase the odds of a Clinton victory in November.

“Anything short of that frankly, this is going to be a very tough race for Hillary Clinton.  Could she still win, of course, but it is immeasurably more difficult today than it was a few days ago,” he said.

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