Kennedy: Confidence doesn't win elections, voting does

We all know what wishful thinking, empty prognostications and flawed polling get us: President Trump. Democrats felt so confident in Hillary's foregone coronation, they forgot to vote to make her presidency official. Since then, she's been wobbling around with her tiara askew trying in vain to answer "wha happen?" the very same thing that *might* happen tomorrow night: everyone got it all wrong.

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Democrats have been working tirelessly to right the wrong outcome of 2016 by fundraising, door knocking, collectivizing and hyperbolizing, and they are hellbent on taking back the house and several statehouses on the way to the ultimate mulligan: a Democrat President in 2020. A lot of *that* rests on what happens tomorrow night, but have they done enough and done it right? If voters feel as falsely confident in the blue wave that's supposed to soak Republican hopes tomorrow night as they did 2 years ago, they might stay home!

Democrats are passionate, frustrated, agitated and activated, but their economic counter argument is flat and people like money. Dems are banking on anger as 85% of them say they have a high level of interest in these midterms, but republicans are close behind at 82%.

There are an awful lot of tight races out there from Florida to Arizona, and while history and momentum give Democrats an edge

There's still room for them to blow it and their heads will explode with such gooey force they'll have to squeegee and oxi clean donkey shops until 2020.

Actor James Cromwell, Babe the pig's kinky farmer boyfriend, says if Democrats blow the big race there will be "blood in the streets" that will be punctuated by a possible *violent* revolution. That'll do, James. That'll do.

House Republicans will be more surprised to win than Democrats will be to lose, but they both better be prepared because in this mad world nothing is certain and either party can succeed on any given Tuesday.