Kennedy: Summing up the cost of Socialism

The president's Council of Economic Advisers put their collective egg heads together and released a 72 page report on diet communism called "the opportunity costs of socialism". So what are we giving up if we go full marxtard? Only economic freedom, which means jobs, retirement savings, charitable giving, new swingset for the kids: all gone. Goodnight Sally.

The report found a real and direct correlation between economic freedom and economic performance, meaning if there is economic freedom i.e. Tax and spending cuts, then economic performance improves. If you put super unleaded in your gas tank your car lasts longer and runs better. If you put chocolate syrup in there, which is synonymous with gooey socialistic promises, your car breaks and you weep in shameful immobility.

The problem isn't what socialism does, and the data shows it does very little to spur growth and jobs, it's how it is defined. This chronic vagueness is only outweighed by a socialist's inability to coherently explain how they would actually *pay* for the naive items on their perpetual Christmas list, and even the godless ones think political Santa magically places free college and medicare for all under the giving tree.

Socialists also throw around the term "collective" without actually defining it - are we all living together in stinky tents- and they spew empty platitudes that are as logically filling as a cotton candy steak.

Bernie Sanders has always had the hots for 70's Sweden, but that wasn't a period of altruistic utopia where every homeless person was given a bikini teammate  and a matching volvo. It was an era of gross economic contraction as most of scandinavia suffered the cruel, unintended consequences of nanny statism.

Scandinavia is now arguably *more* economically free than the U.S. thanks to 21st century free market reforms, limits to capital taxation and less regulation. Hobos there cost share their health care, and when their stocks go up they don't get a nut punch from Uncle Sam the way we do, thanks to our do-gooder dimwits.

Bottom line: socialism feels good the way cuddling with a syphilitic sailor does, but in the end the tingly burn isn't worth the persistent poverty and economic subjugation.