Judges siding with Trump on border wall, immigration: Dobbs

Congressional leaders have tried to obstruct President Donald Trump over his plans on immigration and border security from the day he took office.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) often seem more obstructionist than even the Dimms on Capitol Hill. But it appears that President Trump is finally building momentum where it may well count the most, the nation's federal courts. The judicial system is slowly giving the president legal victories.

Yesterday, a federal judge in Maryland ruled that President Trump indeed does have the constitutional authority to end the so-called DACA program. Judge Roger Titus also admonished those of his colleagues who've allowed their personal views to influence their decisions, writing:

"This Court does not like the outcome of this case, but is constrained by its constitutionally limited role to the result that it has reached... it is not the province of the judiciary to provide legislative or executive actions when those entrusted with those responsibilities fail to act."

The decision follows two more legal victories for President Trump from unlikely sources, as well.

The Obama-appointed Judge Orrick ruled that the Trump administration has the power to withhold from the state of California a million-dollar federal grant over the issue of sanctuary policies.

And last week, Judge Curiel, also an Obama appointee, ruled that the border wall can proceed, ruling against environmental groups and the state of California and deferring to the president's powers on any matter of national security.

It's far too early to say that justice is emerging from our heavily biased court system, but this could be the beginning of a beautiful return to justice.