Trump is the first president to fight back against unfair trade: Dobbs

President Trump's insistence on tariffs on imported aluminum and steel is rock solid economic policy, the perfect political decision, and it's simple to judge just how correct the president is on all of this.

Just listen to all the usual swamp creatures. The business establishment, K Street and Business Roundtable, is howling and snarling about President Trump's insistence that U.S. trading partners no longer exploit our markets, but rather engage in fair, reciprocal, balanced trade.

The Business Roundtable and the Chamber of Commerce are particularly upset because while they've bought and owned leaders in both parties on Capitol Hill for decades, they can't buy President Trump.

That's why the establishment and deep state are trying to obstruct and subvert Mr. Trump at every turn.

One of the business establishment's most expensive purchases is of course House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), who once again is attacking the president and the tariffs, is helping as best he can in the efforts to frustrate the president and the American people.

"We are extremely worried about the consequences of a trade war and are urging the White House to not advance with this plan. The new tax reform law has boosted the economy and we certainly don't want to jeopardize those gains," a Ryan spokesperson said.

Ryan's bought and paid for, so his motivation is clear, unlike his conscience. Ryan makes no sense. There's every reason to slap tariffs on steel and aluminum. The steel being dumped in this country is subsidized and priced dramatically below cost in the each of those countries.

Both steel and aluminum are strategic metals. The success of American producers and manufacturers is critical to our nation’s interest.

Ryan, pure and simple, isn't working in the national interest, and should resign.

Ryan and his lot have the temerity to argue with President Trump. They are simply obstructionists.

Look at the new Trump reality. Morons in the business press tried to make a case that the Trump tariffs were misguided and that for three days the markets were falling because of the tariffs and likelihood of a trade war.                 Now those markets are surging more than 1%. The Dow rallied more than 300 points today as President Trump warned he is not backing down. The markets have added nearly $7 trillion in value since Trump was elected. Consumer confidence is at an 18-year high. Weekly jobless claims just hit the lowest level since 1969. Manufacturing is expanding at the fastest pace since 2004.

And thanks to Trump's tax cuts, Americans' income after taxes saw the biggest gain in more than 5 years.

This president has made it clear that he intends to put American workers first, standing up to the establishment elites, multinationals, and K Street, who have had their way for several decades at the expense of working men and women, their families, small business and the middle class.

President Trump is fighting for them, and he is the first president to recognize that we've been in a trade war with communist China and the socialist European Union for 30 years.

He's the first president to decide it's time America fought back.