Joe Biden earned millions after leaving White House, tax returns show

Former Vice President Joe Biden released a new set of tax returns on Tuesday afternoon, revealing that he has accumulated a fair bit of wealth since he left the White House.

Biden and his wife earned more than $15 million during that two-year time frame, according to the returns released by Biden’s campaign.

The Bidens’ total income was $11 million in 2017 and about $4.6 million in 2018.

Biden earned income through sales of his 2017 book “Promise Me, Dad,” public speaking events and in a teaching role at the University of Pennsylvania. Jill Biden earned money as a professor and for a memoir, as well.

Biden’s campaign noted that he released 10 years’ worth of tax returns during the 2008 election cycle – in addition to regular releases while serving as vice president – which means 21 years’ worth of returns are available to the public.

Biden has continued to position himself as a champion for middle-class Americans.


The role of money in politics has come under increased scrutiny – particularly after left-leaning billionaire Tom Steyer entered the race on Tuesday. Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren both spoke out against inviting more billionaires into the political process.

Sanders’ tax returns showed that he earned more than a million dollars throughout recent years.

In contrast to Sanders, however, Biden has maintained that wealthy individuals are no less patriotic than any other Americans. He has called out the Vermont senator for demonizing the country’s rich.