Is Fmr. Michigan Governor Granholm the Next DNC Head?

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Granholm: Clinton has total, comprehensive plan on small biz

Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm, (D-MI), on how Hillary Clinton can attract independent voters.

In the wake of Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation, the search for the next head of the DNC has begun. Currently, Donna Brazile, the vice chair of the DNC, has taken over the helm on an interim basis.

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During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, former Democratic Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm discussed the possibility of being named the next chair of the DNC.

“That’s news to me,” she said, adding “I have not talked to anybody about that, so it’s… not necessarily in my future.”

Wasserman Schultz’s decision to step down comes after a release of DNC emails by WikiLeaks, causing a controversy just as the Democratic National Convention begins in Philadelphia. The emails showed a possible bias against Clinton’s Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders.

“The bottom line is it’s the states that decided, it’s the voters in the states who decided who is going to be the nominee, and I don’t think any of those emails had any impact on the outcome.”

In focus at this year’s convention is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, who is preparing to take on her Republican rival, Donald Trump.

Granholm, who became Michigan’s first female governor in 2002, said she believes Clinton has what it takes to help small businesses in the U.S.

“She has a total, comprehensive plan on small businesses—making sure they have access to capital, making sure we’re supporting small business growth,” Granholm said. “She wants to be the ‘small business’ president, so she’s really listened to them about what it would take for them to be able to succeed."

She added that Clinton knows changes need to happen to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, and contends Clinton will do it the right way.

“She’s not going to put all that burden onto businesses like it was in the past, where you had businesses who were picking up the full tab for people’s healthcare—you want to have a shared responsibility for it,” Granholm said.

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