I Miss Stuart Too

I hear you. You guys want to know where Stuart is. You miss him when he's away. I get it. I really do.

You watch the show because you like Stuart. And you miss him now that he's taken a little vacation time. Well, I miss him too.

I may actually miss him a little more than you do. You see, before Stuart left on vacation, I was away for a week of vacation myself. So I've been Stuart -free for two weeks.

That's rough.

Probably the one thing I love most about my job is working with Stuart. His energy is infectious. I feed off his enthusiasm. The whole team does. We wake up early. We start work when a lot of people are still getting ready for work. And having Stuart as the anchor makes that a whole lot more bearable. He doesn't require a lot of hand-holding. Doesn't need pages and pages of research. He knows the content better than anyone. He knows what he wants to focus on with each guest and in each segment.

Now don't get me wrong. Charles Payne is also awesome to work with. He's one of the nicest big, intimidating rich guys I know. In fact, I am going to share with you something that only the Varney team - and not even Charles himself - knows. Ready? I refer to him in closed-door meetings, as "Big Sexy." The reason is obvious. And yes, I am happily married... to a woman. I'm just comfortable enough with my masculinity to admit that.

I'm also comfortable enough to admit that I miss my boy Stuart. When he fires off a random email to me on his days off, with all of his ellipses and s's instead of z's (he's still more British than he cares to admit), I'll say, "Awwww, I miss the little guy."

The little guy is the biggest part of the show and we can't wait to have him back from vacation, rested and ready, on Tuesday morning.