Trump is right when he says ‘game over’ on Mueller report: Former Whitewater independent counsel

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Robert Ray on Mueller report: Trump is right, it's 'game over'

Former Whitewater independent counsel Robert Ray on the political fallout from the findings in the Mueller report.

Growing calls to investigate the Russia investigation following the release of the Mueller report have some former independent prosecutors urging caution.

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Former Whitewater independent counsel Robert Ray told FOX Business Thursday that any attempt to inquire about the investigators should be carefully done.

"I do think it's important for the Department of Justice, after Inspector General Michael Horowitz issues his report, to take a look at that and find out the origins of what became the Russia collusion investigation,” he said. “I am not saying we belabor the issue, but I think it is important mostly from the standpoint of the President's that this is not supposed to happen to the President of the United States or any President of the United States."


Ray said he thinks the Mueller report seems to vindicate what Attorney General William Barr said would be in the report, and he agrees with President Trump’s “game over” statement about the investigation.

“The Democrats are not going to be forced into the position of trying to generate momentum toward an impeachment proceeding if they want to see more of the Mueller report,” he said on "Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast."

More than 2,800 subpoenas and nearly 500 search warrants were issued through the 22 month Russia investigation. Ray said Democrats have the right to call on Mueller to testify in front of Congress or issue more subpoenas related to his staff if they are unsatisfied with the findings, but  Democrats may run the risk of “beating a dead horse” over obstruction charges.

“Prosecutors deal in evidence about whether or not they have sufficient evidence to bring a case or they don't. This is the determination now. As the result of the Mueller investigation and the Attorney General's findings, we now have the answer. The answer is, it's over in regard to criminal conduct involving the President of the United States, he added.

Ray said preliminary indications and an initial review of the report clearly suggests the special counsel and Barr were exhaustive in their investigation and in looking into Trump's conduct during his 2016 presidential campaign.


He also predicts there will be an attempt to relitigate the Mueller report, but questioned whether the American people would stand for it.

The Mueller report was released to the public Thursday morning. Grand jury material, classified U.S. intelligence, information regarding ongoing investigations, and privacy rights of unindicted third parties were redacted from the public release.

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