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How to Really Bring More Tech Jobs to the U.S.


What the heck is President Obama doing talking up tech jobs?

He's making a big push to encourage companies to train, hire and pay accordingly the best and brightest...that's fine.

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But forgive a lot of those tech companies if they're still a little sore at the president and his bashing them for shipping high tech jobs overseas. No less than Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) manufactures over 100 million of those hot iPhones in Asia, mostly China.

If the president's trying to woo 'em back, what incentives might compete with jobs that go for pennies on the dollar?

Isn't the problem in this country not what companies are doing to escape the pay, the rules, the regulations and the taxes that come with doing business here -- but the president not addressing any of those issues?

It makes little sense urging companies to do what's good for jobs, if the taxes and regulations the White House has piled on them has threatened those jobs and the companies that try to produce those jobs.

We don't need a new tech push, we need a new reality push.

Because tech guys are like any other business guys, if you want to change the pieces, Washington's going to have to make a new whole.

To draw capital and investment here, we're going to have to be better and offer the lowest taxes, the least regulation, and the most market sense here.

Short of that... all the pressers in the world won't press a single tech CEO to hire.

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