How Sen. Rand Paul Would Replace Obamacare

As the new Republican-controlled Congress moves forward with its goal of repealing the Affordable Care Act, the biggest question now is what will replace it.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), an advocate of fully repealing President Obama’s signature healthcare law, joined the FOX Business Network to explain how he would replace it.

“What I want is to put a replacement in place immediately so we can fix the problems, so as it unwinds we have a replacement for it,” Paul said.

He added: “We should let you buy as part of an association where you can join together with tens of thousands, if not millions of people, to have leverage to lower your price and also to be protected against pre-existing conditions.”

The Kentucky Senator said there are “probably four dozen bills” already in existence to replace Obamacare, and he is in the process of consolidating them.

“By next week I will have a composite bill that is a replacement, that has the five most important ideas in legislative language, in a bill ready to go as a replacement the same day we do a repeal,” Paul explained.