Honoring Steve Jobs

I was watching Wheel of Fortune last night when the local station broke in with the news about Steve Jobs. I wouldn't say I was shocked by the news. We all knew that this day was coming soon, but that didn't make it any less upsetting.

When news like this breaks, it's my job to jump on it. Book guests, rearrange the schedule, change topics, etc. I immediately jumped on my iPhone to check the incoming emails from the rest of the team. We did some collaboration and worked out some changes to our show's schedule to accommodate the news. I fired up my Mac Mini and got to work.

Sometimes, when this happens (especially right before my bed time... yes, I go to bed way too early) I roll my eyes. Not this time. I felt honored to help Varney & Co. cover the untimely death of such a great American. It wasn't just me. All of the potential guests that I spoke to (some of which you saw on Varney & Co. today) felt the same sadness that I did. They also felt just as honored as I did to be able to tell the world about their experiences with Apple and Steve Jobs.

By all accounts, Jobs was not always the nicest guy in the world. He was tough on his critics. He was very possessive about his inventions and innovations- a fact that led to quite a few lawsuits and legal disputes, and he worked his employees hard. But you don't have to be a good guy to be a great man. Jobs transformed the world with his innovations and inspired generations of people to get involved in the technology field. It should also be said, that although he could be a tough guy to deal with at times, he loved his family and his employees and he gave back to charities to help those less fortunate than him. This is how Jobs should be remembered... as an innovator, a family man, a gracious employer and a man who cared not just about himself, but all the people in the world.

I never had a chance to work for or with Jobs. I'm a news guy. But last night, I had the chance to help Varney & Co. honor a man whom I've respected and admired my whole life and I am thankful that I had an opportunity to be involved in his life and legacy in this small way. I hope that our coverage of his life and his passing did just that. And I hope that his legacy lives on to inspire the innovation that makes our country so great.

Rest in peace, Steve. You may be gone, but you won't ever be forgotten.