Hired! Progressive and Brass Tap

From Tuesday’s Fox and Friends, here are the details you need to (as Brian Kilmeade put it) “drink wine and get paid for it."  Seriously, these jobs are diverse and available throughout the country. Please take a close look at the last opportunity -- court reporting is not what you think, and the pay is better than what you might expect!

Happy Hunting!

1. PROGRESSIVE: Offers insurance for autos, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs and home

  • Plans to hire 972 people by the end of the year
  • Top jobs:  IT, Analyst, Call Center, Claims and Corporate
  • Hiring in major call center locations: Cleveland, Ohio; Colorado Springs, Col.; Tampa, Fla.; Austin, Texas; and Sacramento, Calif.
  • Employees at select location have access to: aerobics, spinning and yoga classes, along with access to discounted Weight Watchers®
  • For more info go to: www.progressive.com/jobs

2. BRASS TAP: Upscale craft beer and wine bar

  • Expanding in 2015: opening 30 more locations and will hire about 25 for each; has 750-plus openings in all
  • Top jobs:  General Managers, Servers and Bartenders
  • Hiring nationwide but particularly in: Georgia, Texas, Illinois and New York
  • Wage ranges from minimum wage, tip positions, tip server positions to salary positions
  • For more info go to: www.brasstapbeerbar.com

3. ORDERUP: Online and mobile platform to order from restaurants that don’t offer delivery

  • Currently has 32 openings, but this company is only made up of 85 right now, so that’s a big jump
  • Company doubled in size over the summer, and will continue to expand
  • Currently in 36 markets across the country & is focused on hometowns outside of the top 10 metros
  • Top jobs: Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, Delivery, Operations, Development
  • Every Monday the company orders lunch from partner restaurants
  • For more info go to: orderup.com/jobs

4. NCRA: National Court Reporting Association -- for court reporters, helps its 16,000 members achieve professional expertise with educational opportunities and certification

  • Has 5,500 jobs open within next five years
  • States with most opportunity are: California, Texas, Illinois and New York
  • Top jobs: (only 30% of court reporters are in courtrooms day-to-day) Legal depositions, Closed Captioning, ADA-compliant medical transcriptions, educational / business meetings
  • Average starting salary is $43,000. Top earners average $90,000
  • Certified court reporters transcribed 225 words/per minute; every year the NCRA hosts a speed competition
  • For more information go to: www.crTakeNote.com