The Casone Exchange

Companies Hiring in December

Cyber Monday broke sales records again, and that is good news for several companies that continue to look for workers who can assist them during the busiest shopping month of the year.  As you’ll see below, many of these companies will retain workers and place them in permanent positions for 2015.  Many of these positions will offer benefits.

Fatigues to Fabulous

I had the great honor two weeks ago to spend a morning with three women who are going from to “Fatigues to Fabulous” and they let Fox and Friends share their journey with them.  This is an organization that is dedicated to helping female veterans transition from military to work life.  

These Retailers Are Hiring for the Holidays

Tis the season to find you a seasonal job. Analysts are hopeful this holiday shopping season will be strong, and several major American retailers are staffing up. Here are more details in this week’s edition of “On the Job Hunt.” Happy Hunting!

Hired! 'Tis the Season for Holiday Workers

It's the time of year to start looking for seasonal work, so get ready for thousands of jobs that can make you some extra cash while you look for what you really want to do in your career.


If you are a military member or spouse, please come join me this Thursday at the FOX and Friends plaza in Midtown Manhattan for a live career fair featuring some of the largest companies in the nation that are focused on getting you Deployed to Employed.


This week we found jobs in accounting, finance, fitness, and manufacturing.  Pay special attention to Retro Fitness, their franchise plans in 2014 may be just the tipping point!


Jobs open in autos, home repair, banking, and food.