Hillary Clinton helped supply Russia with US uranium: Kennedy

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Uranium deal may have benefited the Clintons

FBN’s Kennedy on the Uranium One deal and the Clinton’s involvement in the controversy.

How did Russia get its filthy hands on 20% of the U.S. uranium supply? Through bribes, extortion and the Clintons, and if that's not collusion, I don't think anything meets the definition.

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In 2009, a scummy Russian operative started weaseling his way into our uranium pants, trying to charm and threaten Russia into this sensitive market. What reportedly followed was a series of payments to a U.S. uranium trucking company, hundreds of thousands of dollars apparently paid to Bill Clinton for a questionable Moscow speech, and millions said to be funneled into the Clinton Foundation by parties who directly benefitted from the uranium concentration.

The Clinton Foundation has always been a brilliant scam. Hillary Clinton assumed she'd be elected president in 2008, when that failed she took the consolation prize as secretary of state which proved to be an incredibly valuable asset to the family's collusion factory.

During her tenure the uranium one sale was finalized, with her husband acting as a greasy middleman who was lubed up by disgusting Russian thugs who were eager to compromise our national security with the complicit Clintons.

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How did this happen? The Obama administration knew full well a Russian spy had tried to penetrate Hillary's inner circle, this nefarious Putin pawn was bribing anyone in the energy orbit, Bill was taking handsome fees and ugly meetings and an informant had come forward wanting to blow the whistle on the whole thing.

He was not only silenced, he was forced to sign an NDA and threatened with criminal prosecution by the Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch Departments of Justice if he blew.

If we're investigating collusion, this moves to the top of the docket. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has to tear up that NDA and allow the informant to come forward so the facts Hillary Clinton calls "baloney" can be aired out in all their rancid glory.

This whole thing stinks because of the layers of corruption, collusion and conspiracy, and Hillary Clinton has an awfully long nose to claim an ounce of surprise at Russian meddling that she invited when it directly benefitted her majesty.

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