Health care’s main problem is its cost, says Cleveland Clinic president

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Cleveland Clinic CEO breaks down GOP health care plan

Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove breaks down the GOP’s health care plan.

Cleveland Clinic President Dr. Toby Cosgrove said Wednesday the root of the health care problem isn’t the insurance companies, but the cost of health care.

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“We need to have a more efficient health care delivery system to look after people who are ill, and that is going to have to deal with the tremendous amount of regulation we have. We have 14,000 pages of regulation in the last two years. We have to look at drug pricing, our pharmacy costs have went up 19 percent last year and they continue to be rising way faster than inflation,” he told FOX Business’ Melissa Francis.

Additionally, Cosgrove said a way to reduce the cost of health care in America is by keeping people healthy.

"Keeping them out of the emergency room, keeping them out of the hospital and driving efficiencies… It’s going to require time for us to make that transition. Right now out of two million people that we look after, 800,000 of those we now have risks for, so we want to keep them healthy and out of the hospital,” he said.

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