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Has the GOP Lost Its Budget Soul?


Neil’s Spiel: Republicans losing their budget soul?

National Review reporter Katherine Timpf, Tea Party Patriots Founder Jenny Beth Martin and FBN’s Neil Cavuto on concerns the Republican Party is not sticking to the push to rein in spending.

No wonder why Corker “popped his cork.” Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) is convinced Republicans have lost their budget soul. And he's furious.

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And he has every right to be.

In case you're not following this budget drama on the hill, the Grand Old Party has folded like a cheap suit. It seems right now they are no more interested in cutting spending, than I am in cutting carbohydrates.

The difference with me not sticking to my diet is I just hurt myself; Republicans not sticking to any fiscal diet just hurts the entire country. (Especially that broad swath of the country that made them the majority in the Senate and boosted their majority in the House.)

And now these same folks who said they were serious about slaying the spending beast are pulling the same old games? Offering a ten-year plan that they say balances the budget, but actually increases spending now...a plan that relies on gimmicks to pay for more defense spending, without cutting anything else, at all.

That's why Corker popped a cork, and threw a wrench into this Republican wreck. He wasn't going to be a part of it, nor push a budget he knew was a sham.

It's amazing to me that a party that came to power built on spirit of a Tea Party movement has now moved so far away from that movement, refusing to stick to sequester cuts they previously agreed to.

It's a sham. And it's a shame.

And I'm telling you, if the Republicans keep this up, Corker's right: It's going to make them... history.

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