Gov. Cuomo thinks he can rise to the presidency on the back of energy consumers: Stuart Varney

The summer is almost done. Many of us who live in the Northeast are not looking forward to winter. The progressives are sticking it to us.

Thanks to what The Wall Street Journal calls an “energy blockade,” we face an energy crisis.

Here's the story: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has banned fracking, the drilling technology that releases natural gas from shale buried deep underground. There's a vast supply in New York, and it’s cheap, but you are not allowed to go get it.

And, Governor Cuomo is blocking pipelines that would deliver natural gas to the rest of New England.

Ah, witness the power of the greens, and the governor's presidential ambitions. Even though natural gas emits much less carbon, environmentalists hate it…it is, after all, just another wicked fossil fuel. Governor Cuomo thought green would play big in national politics!

So here we are, a month from a chilly fall. Coal-fired power plants are shutting, and the nuclear plant at Indian Point is scheduled to close. Energy costs in the Northeast are way above neighboring regions.

And we are not allowed to go get the cheap natural gas that lies in abundance under our own feet. And we're not allowed to pipe it in from elsewhere.

That is indeed an energy blockade...

Governor Cuomo thinks he can rise to the presidency on the back of long suffering energy consumers. Perhaps he needs to re-calculate. Winter is coming, and New Englanders will have little patience with politicians who make life expensive because they think they are “saving the planet.”