GOP donor holding money ransom until Trump agenda passed

The delay of a vote in the Senate on the Republican health care bill is adding to mounting frustration over the lack of progress in getting the Trump administration’s agenda through Congress. One GOP donor says he will withhold funds until his party’s legislation gets passed.

“There are a lot of donors in Dallas who are frustrated with this and you know, Dallas is truly the piggy bank of the Republican Party at this point,” Deason Capital Services President Doug Deason told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto.

As a result, Deason is telling Republicans to not bother coming to Dallas, saying, “we’re not going to open the checkbooks until you get it done.”

According to Deason, with control of all three branches of government, Republicans should not be having this much trouble.

He adds Republicans just need to make a decision on how conservative the health care bill should be and go with it.

“They’ve got great plans and some good amendments to make to it. You know, you’re either going to make it more conservative and lose [Dean] Heller and some votes or they are going to make it more, you know, more like ObamaCare and they’ll lose Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Rand Paul, so they’ve got to make a decision on which way are they going to go.”