Google’s YouTube, Twitter next to face Congress, cyber security specialist says

Now that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg faced a barrage of questions over the social media platform’s data privacy scandal that compromised the information of at least 87 million users, other Silicon Valley companies are cautious about facing the same congressional scrutiny.

“I think the next two companies that should be in the hot seat are going to be Google’s YouTube division and either Twitter or reddit,” Brainlink International CTO Raj Goel said during an exclusive interview with FOX Business’ Liz Claman.

The cyber security specialist says that Google has used data mining and profiling in the same manner as Facebook.

“YouTube has been very, very actively used by disinformation campaigns, political campaigns, scam artists,” Goel said.

Twitter is in a similar quagmire as Facebook and Google in where Twitter hasn’t taken strong enough action against disinformation campaigns in fear of losing the social media’s most important asset, user accounts, according to Goel.

“If Twitter blocks up 50 million users, their stock tanks,” he said.

Goel gives Zuckerberg a B-minus grade for his performance during his two-day congressional testimony, but a D-minus for honesty and transparency.

Zuckerberg tried to assure Congress that the company continues to provide users the right to prohibit Facebook from sharing one’s personal data and that users have “full control” of the platform.

“He lied very well,” Goel said. “He constantly kept saying users have control of their information. No they don’t. Try deleting your account off of Facebook.”