George Soros-funded app helps illegal immigrants avoid arrest

Billionaire investor George Soros is reportedly funding a smartphone app to help illegal immigrants avoid federal immigration authorities.

The group behind the app, Notifica (Notify), is called United We Dream and was founded by an organization that receives funding from U.S. taxpayers.

“This app is pretty outrageous,” Judicial Watch Director of Research Chris Farrell told FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs on Thursday. “It provides notice to their friends and family, it alerts their attorney.”

Users of the app can set up automated alerts that warn them of an encounter a family member, lawyer or others may have with an immigration enforcement official.

Farrell said the Trump Justice Department has gone after organizations that engage in illegal internet activities, but he questioned why officials haven’t investigated the matter further.

“Here’s a prime example of somebody abusing the system and taking taxpayers’ dollars, and they choose not to [investigate],” he said. “Why?”