Meet the Tesla conference call questioner Elon Musk liked

Tesla is the talk of Wall Street after its stock plummeted following a confrontation CEO Elon Musk had with analysts on a conference call.

“We’re going to go to YouTube,” Musk said Wednesday. “Sorry. These questions are so dry. They’re killing me.”

The next question came from a Tesla investor named Galileo Russell, who is the host of the HyperChange channel on YouTube.

“I tweeted at Elon, and surprisingly he went for it and wanted to have me on the call, so we made it happen,” Russell said during an interview with FOX Business’ Liz Claman on Thursday.

Russell was given 20 minutes to ask Musk a variety of questions including a query on the Model Y.

“I was ready to go, and then when Elon gave me the floor to ask more than one question, I can of ran with it,” Russell said.

Musk praised Russell’s line of questioning as “not boring.”

Russell said on FOX Business’ “Countdown to the Closing Bell” that he understood Musk’s frustration with the analysts. Many of the questions asked by one of them were mentioned in the letter to shareholders and did not add value to the long-term story of Tesla, according to Russell.

Musk took additional questions from analysts before the call ended, but the tense exchange may have rattled some investors. The stock dropped more than 5% on Thursday.

Russell said he created the HyperChange TV channel on YouTube to inspire millennials to take an interest in finance.

“People see these analysts in suits,” Russell said. “They are not representing the true shareholder.”