Gary Johnson: Cut the Cable, It's Really Liberating

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Gary Johnson: Young people right now are getting screwed

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson on the 2016 presidential race, entitlement reform and the AT&T deal to acquire Time Warner.

With Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders all expressing concerns over AT&T (NYSE:T) agreeing to acquire Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) for $85.4 billion, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson weighed in with a different take on the deal.

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“Well, I think the market takes care of mistakes and look, a pitch to everybody out there, cut the cable, it’s really liberating.  And so, business, you make a mistake you pay for it in a really big way, get too big you pay for it in a really big way.  Let the free market rule,” Johnson told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

When Bartiromo then asked if Johnson, a free-market candidate, would have his Justice Department block the deal if he is elected president.

“Block this deal?  No.  I would have the Justice Department look at it, but I’m not believing that they would block the deal.  That’s what I’m believing and you know, I would be in charge of appointing the administrators to all this.”

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Johnson explained that it’s the companies’ responsibility to make smart deals or face the consequences.

“And keep in mind, business makes mistakes as you report on every single day.  They pay for it in a really big way, if they don’t offer better products, better services at lower prices, boom they’re done.”

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