Fmr. Rep. Weiner: Trump is a Transparent Phony

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Former Rep. Weiner: Trump hasn't built anything successfully in years

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner, (D-NY), on the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton's email scandal and Donald Trump's business background.

Hillary Clinton will officially become the Democratic Presidential nominee during day two of the Democratic National Convention, but faces backlash from devoted Bernie Sanders supporters who have been feeling the ‘bern’ since the DNC email firestorm.

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Former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) told the FOX Business Network’s Senior Correspondent Charlie Gasparino there could be a situation where some Sanders’ supporters would boycott the November election.

“There might be some people, but I find it so hard to believe that anyone who’s out there, I want legalized marijuana, I want $15 minimum wage, I want pension reform is going to vote for Donald Trump,” Weiner said. “And by staying home, the reality is you are casting a vote for Donald Trump.”

The former Congressman from New York believes Clinton is as tough as Trump is portrayed and can go toe-to-toe all the way through Election Day.

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“To be a Senator from New York, you gotta have like a rhinoceros hide. So I think the problem is not going to be how tough she is, it’s whether or not Donald Trump is going to sound crazy,” Weiner said.

Weiner also said everything he hears about the Republican presidential nominee makes him like him less and thinks Trump simply cannot be trusted.

“He’s a transparent phony. Yeah, we got a lot of record of things that he has done that has shown his phoniness,” Weiner said.

Weiner questioned Trump’s business record and claims to be worth $10 billion.

“You gather 10 people here we’re worth more than Donald Trump is. First of all the guy hasn’t built anything successfully in years. He puts his name on things. And by the way, do you want to have Trump as your name on anything?  If you want to have a Spanish speaking visitor, a Muslim visitor or a common sense visitor you’re not going to have Donald Trump’s name on it.”

Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is vice chairwoman of Clinton's 2016 campaign for President.

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