Fmr. Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz Predictions for Trump vs. Media

Legendary former Notre Dame Football Coach, and Donald Trump supporter, Lou Holtz has some off-field advice for the GOP nominee on turning his campaign around.

“Well, I think he can, but if he is going to, not only do his supporters have to vote for him, they better go out and recruit an awful lot of other people.  I think this is the most important election of my lifetime and I’m an old man” Holtz told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

The 79 year old Holtz then explained what he would say if he were running Trump’s campaign.

“I’d say you must take your message to the people and focus on what you’re going to do.  That’s why the lord put eyes in front of your head instead of the back.  Understand you aren’t going to get fair coverage in the media and it’s going to be up to you to get your people out and to believe”.

Holtz viewed the negative media spin as a factor behind Trump losing ground in recent political polls.

“I defy you to find me a positive comment about Donald Trump in a major newspaper or on a major TV network other than Fox in the last two months.  Now, when he was running, it was obvious the media wanted him to be the nominee, because they supported him, put him on TV.  Once he got it, now they’re doing everything but tear him down.  You can’t find a positive thing and you aren’t going to tell me all the success he has there’s not a lot of positive things.”

According to Holtz the media has portrayed Trump as someone that can’t be trusted, but he says Americans are more frustrated with Washington, D.C., including the recent allegations that the $400 million paid to Iran was in exchange for U.S. prisoners.

“Trust is absolutely critical and I think people are tired of what happens in Washington.  Don’t tell me that wasn’t ransom, don’t lie to me.  You know, you lie to me because you insult my intelligence, you don’t think I’m smart enough to handle the truth or you don’t think I’m strong enough.  Tell me the truth.  And the truth does not come out of Washington.”