Fmr. CIA Director: Government Not Doing What it Should to Fight Terrorism

A former CIA Director says the U.S. government can do more to step up its fight against ISIS.

Ambassador James Woolsey, who was head of the CIA from 1993 to 1995, joined the FOX Business Network and explained one reason why the government is not doing what it should to fight terrorism domestically.

“One of the most damaging things the government is doing is downplaying terrorism by the language it uses,” he said. “They call themselves jihadis, why shouldn’t we call them jihadis? It’s ridiculous, really. It’s like a skit out of ‘Saturday Night Live.’”

Woolsey is no stranger to terror attacks. While in charge of the CIA in 1993, terrorists bombed the World Trade Center in New York City. He explained what the current Administration could do to improve their battle with ISIS.

“We need to get together with the high-tech industry—people who control data selection—the big ones: Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and all the rest,” Woolsey said. “If you put those big companies together, they know an awful lot more about you and me than the United States government does.”

He added: “They need to be put together—the companies and the parts of the government that are relevant, such as the National Security Agency, and come up with a common plan. They can’t just each go off on its own.”