Trump wants to make a deal with China

Notwithstanding the trade strife between the U.S. and China, The Carson Group’s Ron Carson notes that you can’t argue with the positive economic results President Trump has given America.

Iran sanctions are hitting hard

Hudson Institute and former intelligence adviser to General Petraeus Michael Pregent discusses how Iran didn’t expect Trump to go after the central bank of Iran. It will hurt them in their negotiations with other European countries.

What’s Iran’s next move?

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) discusses President Trump's recent press conference. Biggs believes President Trump is giving Iran every opportunity to rehabilitate itself.

New warning from Iran

Fox News' Rich Edson reports on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pushing for an act of diplomacy while Iran's Zarif is threatening war. Heritage Vice President for National Security and Foreign Policy Jim Carafano shares what he thinks the right response is to the drone attack.