First Lady Under Fire Over Spain Trip

By Cristine Ambrose

Michelle Obama’s trip with her daughter Sasha to Spain at the beginning of August is putting the First Lady under serious fire.

Some are even referring to her as a “modern-day Marie Antoinette”.

According to a report by frequent Varney & Co. guest Andrea Tantaros, the trip was originally called a private mother-daughter trip, but later classified as a business trip due to the meeting she was to have with the King and Queen of Spain.

Lee Hawkins of The Wall Street Journal joined Varney and Co. to shed some light on the situation.

“I think it was a bad PR move of course,” Hawkins explained to The Company. “But when you think about it, people expect Michelle Obama to be the average American.”

Although most of the trip was reportedly paid “out of pocket” by the Obamas, taxpayers did foot the bill for the security. Hawkins explained, “The one thing this shows us all is that the rich are different, and that includes the Obamas.”