FBI raid on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen violated Constitution: Alan Dershowitz

Federal agents violated the U.S. Constitution when they raided Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s home, office and hotel room, according to Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz.

“As soon as an FBI agent reads material that’s lawyer-client privilege, the Sixth Amendment has been violated and the Fourth Amendment has been violated,” he told FOX Business’ David Asman.

Earlier this week, FBI agents retrieved recordings made by Cohen, the longtime personal attorney of President Donald Trump.

Dershowitz argues that the Justice Department is acting as a “taint team” who are able to read privileged information which he says should be concerning to all Americans.

“I am in favor of having a judge appointed to go through every communication and to make sure that not a single communication gets to any prosecutor or FBI agent that is even arguably privileged or covered by either the Fourth or Sixth Amendment,” he said.

The Harvard Law professor is calling out the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for losing its way and allowing the civil liberties of innocent clients be violated. Dershowitz said what’s done to legal clients can transfer over to spousal privileges and doctor-patient and priest-penitent relationships.

“The ACLU is now in the forefront of saying, it’s ok, that’s ok as long as you’re going to get Donald Trump, we don’t care about civil liberties,” he said. “Trumping everything is getting Trump and that’s the ACLU.”

Dershowitz, a former member of the ACLU National Board of Directors, said the organization will no longer receive any contribution from him because the ACLU has become “an enemy of civil liberties.”