FAQ about Varney & Co. at Night

This week we are doing a special "Varney & Co. at Night." It will air at 8pm eastern time every night this week. You've been asking a lot of questions on Facebook and Twitter about it. Here are some answers:

Q: Will it be the same as the morning show?

A: Well, yes and no. We won't be replaying any of the interviews. We might take some clips for the morning if they are particularly dramatic. But we're planning to have an entirely new guest lineup. We'll have a whole day of new stories to choose from. And the biggest difference: we won't have the Opening Bell and all the stock market action

Q: If it's so different how can I be sure I'm still going to like it?

A: It's still Stuart hosting the show and it's still the same production team (yes, we are important). Though the stories are different we will cover them with the same energy and edge you've come to expect from us.

Q: Will you still have the Company?

A: Yes, there will still be a Company. Charles will be there most days, and Sandra Smith. Tracy joins us on Friday night since she is filling in for Gerri Willis all week.

Q: What about the guests?

A: Some of our most popular guests from the morning show will be joining us on the prime time show. But we are also going to have some new people including Fox personalities Brian Kilmeade, Shepard Smith, and Megyn Kelly. They are usually unavailable between 9:20 and 11 AM. So we're very excited for the opportunity to have them.

Q: Where is the Judge?

A: The Judge is on a well-deserved vacation. We are just filling his time slot for one week.

Q: Do I have to wear a tuxedo or evening gown to watch?

A: No, Varney & Co. At Night is Black Tie Optional.