FAA knew about Boeing 737 Max 8 faults: NASA administrator

Pilots who have flown the embattled Boeing 737 MAX 8 funneled complaints about the jet's performance through NASA, according to the agency’s administrator Jim Bridenstine,

The complaints, Bridenstine said, were made readily available to the Federal Aviation Administration.

“The data points, [however], were not a lot,” he told FOX Business' Charles Payne on Friday, “I only know a couple of reports that came through this system; but as a pilot myself, I can tell you, autopilots are not always good.”

The FAA currently funds and oversees NASA's pilot feedback program, according to Bridenstine.


The NASA administrator went on to admit that just because the autopilot system on a singular plane fails, the fault does not lie on an entire fleet of jets.

"The idea here is," Bridenstine told Payne, "We're collecting information, we're sharing it, and we’re getting it to the pilots so they can make their decisions and have the knowledge and information to understand what's happening.