If Harley Davidson turns its back on America we will move on: Bikers for Trump

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Bikers for Trump founder supporting Trump against Harley

Bikers for Trump founder Chris Cox on President Trump slamming Harley-Davidson over the company's decision to move some production overseas due to retaliatory European tariffs.

Chris Cox, the leader of Bikers for Trump, a band of pro-Trump motorcycle enthusiasts, told FOX Business on Thursday that he’s not happy with Harley-Davidson and President Trump is right to call them out for producing motorcycles outside of the U.S.

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Cox said the biker community has stuck with the iconic American motorcycle maker through good and bad, but are “firm believers in American-made motorcycles,” and also added that Harley has the ability to easily make parts domestically.

“If Harley-Davidson wants to turn its’ back on the biker community to not show the respect that they deserve with the veterans and blue collar we certainly will move on,” Cox said to Stuart Varney on “Varney & Co.”

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Cox added that he’s not “engaged” to Harley-Davidson motorcycles and pointed out that there are other American-made companies across the country.

“If Harley wants to take its business elsewhere,” he said, “then the biker will figure out how to make his own parts.”

Harley has been threatening to move its production across the pond well before Trump became president, he added, and to use Trump’s tariffs as an excuse is “nonsense.”

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