Exploring possible outcomes from Kavanaugh hearing: Kennedy

Well, the media circus has graduated into a full-blown musical, and the fat lady hasn't sung yet.

The allegations leveled today against Judge Brett Kavanaugh are incredibly serious, and with a third accuser claiming she was drugged and raped by multiple perpetrators, this only goes one of two ways:

If this story is true or there is a sliver of doubt, Kavanaugh's name will be withdrawn. When Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' nomination was swirling the drain, his forceful, consistent denial is arguably the life preserver that saved him from drowning in a sea of Coke cans. Judge Kavanaugh, according to the failing New York Times, is planning on admitting he was a hard-drinking high school cad, but that doesn't help his case even if the qualification is stapled to a tepid denial.

An even worse alternative is this latest accuser, Julie Swetnick, is somehow a lying Democrat mole who has no problem diving into the turd soup head first to ruin a man's life for political gain. Let's hope to God that's not true, because if it is, and that is the state of our political union, our gulf is unbridgeable and we have reached the disgusting point of no return.

Again, if Kavanaugh was the teenage Bill Cosby of Maryland, that level of insidiousness should not have been missed by the FBI. It means he is a bad and compromised individual who would have inspired enough Washington whispers to hopefully slow down any judicial ascent. The FBI has missed countless terrorists and school shooters, so this is not outside the realm of possibility.

I had reservations about Kavanaugh's problematic stance on the Fourth Amendment, and he was certainly not the ideal jurist to put up for the high court, but no one listens to me. If the president had taken my advice and nominated Utah Sen. Mike Lee (R), a squeaky clean and popular constitutionalist, the only question fellow senators would've posed is what color dickey would he want for his robe.

We are not in a swamp. We are in a cesspool. If the president gets another whack at the supreme piñata, it has the potential to get much worse, if that's possible. I don't know how long we are going to prolong this awful distraction. All I know is Brett Kavanaugh better sprout some serious conviction or we'll be back to square one, as it will only be a high court full of squares from here on out.