The on deck justice could be a bigger Dem problem than Kavanaugh: Kennedy

As more flimsy accounts of adolescent idiocy surface in the Kavanaugh confirmation drama, it appears Judge Brett is going to have a harder time holding onto the highest gavel. His nomination may be in deep yogurt if Democrats keep trolling for damsels, but they should keep the champagne on ice as his turfing may be nothing to celebrate.

All of this hinges on Thursday's dual testimony between his first accuser, Dr. Christine Ford, and the judge himself, who is eager to issue a public denial in the flesh. If she is believable and even slightly sympathetic, that may be enough to give the golden gals, Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), the yips and they could easily vote no and bet on round two.

The president's base, an odd patchwork of patriotic laborers and late-adapting Republicans, will be furious if they think their guy has been unfairly railroaded out of a SCOTUS pick. This could energize more Republicans to vote for the Senate status quo, and it also emboldens the GOP to seek retribution with late-stage dirty tricks the next time a Democrat president nominates someone to the high court.

If you look deep enough into someone's adolescent cesspool, you're bound to find something, and it's no stretch to see several more lives ruined by this mob-fueled convenient moralism that will, down the road, bite the donkeys in the ass.

The other unfortunate reality for leftist resistors is Brett Kavanaugh's replacement won't be Merrick Garland, it'll be an ideologically pure originalist who happens to be the darling of conservative Christians who bit the bullet and voted for Trump hoping she'd land on the bench. Amy Coney Barrett should be a far bigger nightmare for progressives, as she's more ideologically conservative than Brett Kavanaugh and surely has fewer skeletons in her Catholic closet.

Beware your dreams, hippies. If you push hard enough you won't get a high court full of baby Bader Ginsburgs. It'll be a bench full of Scalia clones, one more conservative than the next, thanks to President Pence.