EPA Divided Over Fracking?

The EPA’s new report on fracking, which found no “evidence that these mechanisms have led to widespread systemic impacts on drinking water,” sparked a heated debate between FBN’s Stuart Varney and “Gasland” director Josh Fox.

“Gasland” director Josh Fox argued “the EPA issued something of a retraction of that statement this weekend, because it lead to a lot of false reporting on the subject,” and charged that the Obama Administration supports fracking, and therefore the EPA is burying the lede on its findings.

“What we are actually seeing here is a pattern within the Obama Administration specifically with regards to fracking and the EPA…Within the report is actually really damning evidence about fracking contaminating [ground water]...in Pennsylvania…Texas,” said Fox. Varney had a different take.

“Wasn’t that the actual way that fracking was conducted? It was [mistakes made] in how fracking was done as opposed to the whole process?” asked Varney.

“No, what the report says is that fracking contaminates … ground water,” said Fox. “What the EPA has done time and time again on this issue, is issue a scientific report, which has actual science in it, and then slap on the top of it a press release or statement that says ‘Oh nothing really to see here,’” argued Fox.

“Hold on a second,” said Varney. “Why would the EPA – which I thought was definitely anti-fracking, they don’t want you to frack – why would they come out with a 1,300 page report which concludes ‘we did not find evidence that these mechanisms [have any widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water?]” asked Varney.

Fox claimed the EPA is working to dumb down its own science on fracking to stay in line with the Obama administration’s agenda.

“This investigation started in 2010 at the behest of Congress and citizens. What we have seen since the Obama Administration in 2012 embraced fracking as national policy -- wants to expand fracking -- is that they are dialing back all these investigations which started much earlier in the administration when the administration didn’t know what their position was … Fracking policy is squarely on the shoulders of the Obama administration,” said Fox.

He claimed to have to been investigating the EPA for the past three years and says he has watched them “time after time after time, betray their own science.”

“What you’re seeing is a very deeply divided EPA, which has scientists in the field who are going out there and investigating this issue – and they are coming back with evidence that fracking contaminates ground water. And then over and over again the head office issues press releases that [say] ‘Oh, nothing to see here,’” said Fox.

“It’s an EPA that is under incredible influence of the oil and gas industry and lobbyists -- and that’s been proven. Greenpeace FOIAd the EPA,” Fox added.