Warren's DNA test a 'farce,' won't get her to the White House: Varney

What an embarrassment: Senator Elizabeth Warren takes a DNA test to establish her Native American heritage. She had claimed that status as a law professor, and President Trump had called her on it. So she takes the test.

The result: Most white Americans have more Native American blood than Senator Warren. Which means, if Senator Warren sets the standard, you too could claim a minority preference. What nonsense!

And what a mistake.

The test the senator took is shaky. Because there are so few reliable samples, the senator's DNA was compared to data from Peru, Mexico and Columbia. The Cherokee nation says it is "inappropriate and wrong" and she is "undermining tribal interests."

And what a political mistake: Here we are, three weeks before the midterms and a leading Democrat is sucking all the oxygen out of the debate with a strange video on DNA!

Surely Democrats in tight Senate races don't want to be dragged off message and dragged into the identity politics swamp. But that’s what's happening.

What's going on here? Senator Warren is getting the issue out now so she can run for president in two years.

If that’s the strategy, it’s not working. The test is a farce. The results don't back up her claim. And this surely does not help her future candidacy.

But what she's also done is put identity politics back in the spotlight. She is repeating Hillary Clinton’s mistake. Middle America doesn't vote for you because you're a woman, or an African-American, or Hispanic or Native American.

We vote for candidates with good policies. And there's another test Senator Warren has failed: She's a socialist, and socialism is not good policy!