Democrats' mud slinging to cost them at the polls: Varney

The Democrats are tearing this country apart. Their delay and derail tactics have slimed Judge Kavanaugh and devastated his family. It was deliberate. The left will stop at nothing to keep a conservative off the Supreme Court.

And now, the left has taken its shock troops to the halls of Congress. Senator Flake confronted in an elevator by activists financed by George Soros. There are roving groups inside the Capitol building, harassing any and all Republicans. Mitch McConnell harassed in an airport. And it’s an aide to Democrats who has been arrested, charged with releasing the personal information of Republicans, so that they could be targeted. This is dangerous stuff.

It’s not over. Looks like the full Senate will vote Saturday morning. Regardless of which way it goes, the left will go after anyone who votes yes. I don't think America likes this. And I don't think America much appreciates the disgraceful sliming of Judge Kavanaugh.

And there are signs that voters are taking notice. In several Senate races, Republican challengers now lead incumbent Democrats. And a new Fox poll shows a strong trend among Republicans to get out and vote. Why? Because of the treatment of Kavanaugh, and the behavior of the violent left.

I would like to end on a positive, and here it is: Hats off to Mitch McConnell. He could have walked away from Kavanaugh and taken the easy way out. He didn't. He's got a backbone. And hats off to Senator Lindsay Graham. He jumped in with an impassioned defense of the judge, and called the Democrats' behavior what it is, shameful.