Economic Showdown

Midterm elections are right around the corner and the fight on both sides of the aisle is getting ugly. House Minority Leader John Boehner called for the firing of President Obama’s entire economic team, while Democrats fired back calling the GOP “just the party of no.”

The fight continued today on “Varney & Co.” with Republican Representative Marsha Blackburn saying the administration’s policies meant too much government intervention “What we know is there has been plan after plan, bureaucracy after bureaucracy” Blackburn said. “Washington needs to get out of the way.”

Despite the name calling, Rep. Blackburn did lay out a Republican plan to fix the economy. She echoed the call for the firing of the president's economic team, called for the extension of all the Bush tax cuts, pushed for a repeal of the new health-care law, and urged President Obama and the Democrats to cut back on reckless spending.

While these calls are nothing new from the Republican party, Representative Blackburn was adamant that the solutions being trumpeted by Boehner would only serve to bolster the private sector. “What we are saying is real world experience tells you that if you reduce taxes, if you get Washington out of the way the private sector is going to work” Blackburn said.