Biden not doing himself any favors by focusing on getting rid of Trump: Varney

Every candidate for the presidency will, at some point, be asked why he or she is running.

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Joe Biden was asked the question with a twist. He was asked, "how badly do you want to be president?" In other words, what's really driving you to go through all this?

His answer was telling. He said, "I think it’s really, really, really important that Donald Trump not be re-elected." That’s it? Just beat Trump? Where's the grand vision? Where would he take America? He's had a lot of time to come up with a sharp-edged statement about where he wants to take us. Just "dump Trump" is rather weak compared to candidate Trump's "Make America Great Again."

Backtrack a moment: Biden was also asked if he'd be running to dump a President Mitt Romney or a President Jeb Bush.

Another telling response: "Um, I'm not sure, to be quite honest with you. I hadn't planned on running again."

He'd doubled down. Dumping Trump is his primary motivation.

I don't think that works. I think it adds to the problems his campaign is already facing. His modest crowds have not been that enthusiastic. His gaffes seem endless. His stumbles, mildly embarrassing.

He's not doing himself any favors with his focus on getting rid of the president.

The New York Times used this headline to discuss Biden's vision, or lack of it:

"Does Joe Biden Want to Be Doing This?"

If he's lost the Times, his nomination is in serious trouble.