Trump condemns Iran's 'bloodlust' in scathing UN speech

President Trump condemned Iranian leaders' "bloodlust" Tuesday in a scathing speech at the United Nations, where he sought support for America's maximum pressure campaign against the Islamic Republic.

"All nations have a duty to act," Trump said at the UN General Assembly. "No responsible government should subsidize Iran's bloodlust."

He also called out China for dealing deceptively with other nations on trade and seemed to throw his support behind Hong Kong. In a speech whose tone was more measured than previous years, the president made a forceful case for his adminstratin's foreign policy, both pulling out of a deal with Iran that lifted sanctions in return for a commitment not to develop nuclear weapons, and using tariffs as leverage against China.

The White House has been trying to rally European nations to its side in the struggle with Tehran after irking them by pulling out of an international pact reached former President Barack Obama that they believe was working. Its efforts got a boost on Monday when Britain, France and Germany joined the U.S. in blaming Iran for attacks earlier this month on key oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

In a joint statement, they said "there is no other plausible explanation" than that “Iran bears responsibility for this attack.”


Trump also accused Iran's leaders of fueling the wars in both Syria and Yemen, and of squandering their nation's wealth in a quest for nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.

"We must never allow this to happen," he said.

FOX News' Adam Shaw contributed to this article.