Doctors Take Control

Midterm elections are around the corner and some Democratic congressional candidates are distancing themselves from ObamaCare. Democrat Mark Critz, who won the special election in Pennsylvania's 12th district, opposed the law and promised to mend it. In addition to congressional candidates, doctors are taking matters into their own hands and speaking out against ObamaCare. The group, "Docs4PatientCare," is discussing the new law with patients during visits. A member of the group, Dr. Hal Scherz, joined Varney & Co. this morning.

"We're not necessarily using our office visit to be a political statement. But once we have finished our visit, we're asking our patients if they'd like to ask us anything about health care reform," said Dr. Scherz. "If they ask us, then we are freely sharing our opinions with them. Our opinion is that ObamaCare is going to significantly impact our ability to take care of them."

Dr. Hal Scherz and his colleagues at Docs4PatientCare are posting a "Dear Patient" letter in waiting rooms outlining the new law. "The Affordable Care Act has in it a provision which makes the Secretary of Health and Human Services essentially my boss," said Dr. Scherz. "She'll be able to determine what constitutes quality of care and that should never happen."

Dr. Scherz believes that he owes it to his patients to educate them about the new law. "They're confused," said Scherz. "They really want to know what doctors think and 80% of the doctors in this country are against the Affordable Care Act."

Although he is against the latest health hare law, Dr. Hal Scherz said that he is for some type of reform. "We are all for Health Care reform," said Scherz. "But this is not health care reform. This is a takeover of 1/6 of our economy and it is done in such a way that it will handcuff us."

An increasing concern for most Americans is the possibility that health insurance premiums rising. Dr. Scherz said that rising costs is just one backlash of many from ObamaCare.