Dobbs: Republicans are nowhere close to passing Trump’s tax reform, budget or infrastructure plan

A few thoughts now on what passes for leadership on Capitol Hill...

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell graciously delaying recess to work on health care...Even though the Senate is in session only half the year.

But Republican leaders in the House are committed to their 5-week recess next month, despite being in session just 145 days in total.

Here's house speaker Paul Ryan 'splaining it all to the great unwashed untouchable citizenry...

“Well obviously, we're far ahead of the pace because the House, as you know, can move institutionally a lot faster than the Senate. But right now, we plan on hitting our mark, getting our work done and making sure that we fulfill all of our responsibilities,” Ryan said.

Far ahead of the pace? Good lord almighty....The House barely passed a health care bill back in May, voting 217-213. And as for a budget, tax reform, and infrastructure...They appear to be nowhere close...Much like their colleagues in the Senate when it comes health care.

President Trump today issued a warning that he will be very angry if congressional Republicans can't or won't get it done on health care.

“I am sitting in the oval office with a pen in hand, waiting for our Senators to give it to me. For years, they've been talking about repeal-replace, repeal-replace. I think they passed it 61 times, repeal and replace, but that didn't mean anything,” Trump said.

The president's right. Those other times meant nothing.Of course, McConnell and Ryan are not particularly effective in getting anything done, no matter the timeline.

Combined, they have sponsored fewer than 15-pieces of legislation that have become law during their tenures... Their combined years on Capitol Hill amount to a half century... A half century.

This swamp, they have live in and have worked in, for so long now urgently needs draining... And they need to be helped to some other place…higher and dryer for evermore... I love happy endings, don't you?